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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Status Future consideration
Created by Dave Presuhn
Created on Jan 24, 2023

Restrict admin console to certain IP address space

By restricting access to the admin portal (Cockpit, device management, etc) to certain IP address ranges, we can restrict admins to only accessing admin functions while on our corporate network. This will improve security by making the admin apps unavailable without forging the IP address. Fielded devices will need to be able to connect from anywhere so that does not need to change.

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  • Admin
    Jane Porter
    Mar 10, 2023

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for raising this Idea. Limiting the IP address for the user interface apps will be challenging for the Public Cloud SaaS instances of Cumulocity IoT. However, we are continually assessing how we can improve the security of Cumulocity and will assess this idea for a general improvement, perhaps not precisely the solution suggested, for a future release.

    Regards, Jane.