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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Created by Mohammed Ali Khan
Created on Nov 10, 2023

Display message for Password reset email sent can be improved

Currently when the user tries to reset password using forgot password option, with wrong email id which doesn't exists, gets a standard display message that the "Password request has been sent. Please check your email". It is quite misleading to have such message displayed for non-existing/wrong email id.

Similarly, if the user mistakes the email id while entering, he gets the same message displayed which gives a false presumption for the user that the email id entered is right but he still doesn't get the password reset link.


Improve the message displayed either by,

  • doing a validation check that the entered email actually exists (or)

  • improve the message to say that the password reset link will be shared if the email id entered is right or if it exists in the system.

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