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Status Unlikely to support
Created by Thomas Kühn
Created on Oct 11, 2022

Notification API 2.0 - Allow to subscribe to measurements to all devices

We would like to subscribe to the measurements from all managed objects (devices) on the platform using the Notification API 2.0. Currently, a subscription must be created for each individual managed object.
This makes it easier to subscribe to the measured values. There is no need for a separate implementation each time MO is created on the platform.

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  • Admin
    Jane Porter
    Mar 9, 2023

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for submitting the Idea. We have not provided the ability to subscribe to all measurements from all devices because this has the ability to easily swamp the consumer, especially if the consumer has any errors which do not allow it to cope with a large amount of data.

    We are aware that separate subscriptions for each device is too cumbersome and will be making it easier to subscribe to multiple devices, for instance a recent update in 10.16 allows you to subscribe to a devices and all the child devices. We are also investigating how we can allow subscribing for a group of devices.

    I hope this explanation helps. Regards, Jane.