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Status Likely to support/improve
Created by Christoph Marschall
Created on May 22, 2023

Password-change UX should consider server-synchronization

When a user changes the password (today in Cumulocity v10.15), the UX provides a success-message of the change without any conditions.

However, the password may not be usable for some additional minutes as the change has not been synchronized across the platform yet.

This is currently creating support-hotline calls as in some cases the user resets his password, tries to login immediately, fails because the change is not synchronized yet and calls the support-hotline (who is then manually changing the password which again needs to be synchronized to work).

Request is to either implement #1 below or iterate from #1 to #2:

1.) Improve the UI to inform the user after PW-change that it may take several minutes for the change to take effect --> "Your password has been changed. Please wait a few minutes for the change to be synchronized before logging in again."

2.) Change implementation to confirm successful change of password only when the whole platform is ready to accept the new password.

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  • Admin
    Jane Porter
    Jul 13, 2023

    Hi Christoph,

    Apologies for the delay, we will include this in our backlog and prioritise for delivery. I am afraid I cannot provide a precise timeline at the moment.

    Regards, Jane.