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As Utonomy I want Intrusion detection and virus scanning

Utonomy wants to have a roadmap for this feature. Thomas is already testing a solution with PaloAlto. We need a budget for PaloAlto (3000-6000€ per month). Maybe we can ask Utonomy if they are willing to pay for that feature?
Jens Wildhagen almost 5 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Authentication & Authorisation 0 Partially supported already

Adminstrative operations on system level, such as restore of backups, shall be logged in the audit trail of sub-tenants.

Regulated customers in the pharmaceutical and life science industry must prove to authorities, how they control documents related to system operation and maintenance and preserves the complete history of changes made to these documents. Frome the ...
Guest over 3 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Platform Management 1 Partially supported already