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Alarm List Sort by Date

Add ability to sort default ALARM LIST widget by date: both ascending and descending order. Intention is to show recent alarms of all severity levels in reverse order.
Sean Thomas about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Alarms / Widgets 2 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Add Twilio as an SMS provider

Twilio is arguably one of the largest multimodal communication and message delivery providers in the world and many large multinational corporations use their services to send messages to their customers. Twilio should be one of the options in the...
John Marquart almost 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT 5 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Export improvement

The exports from the platform are limited to 1M entries to be processed. These also include the items from database, that are filtered out from the export at the end, because there are no relevant fragments in them. As an example, if I create an e...
Peter Gaspar almost 3 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 7 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Device-Type Dashboard Administration

While it is possible to create dashboards that are used for the same device type, it is practically impossible to manually keep track of "origin" dashboards. Our cockpit-clone application does heavily rely on the provided dashboard capabilities. A...
Dirk Peter almost 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager 1 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Show again specific operations in the list of Control tab

There has been a decrease of usability / transparency in Device Management - Device - Control tab. Until the version 10.14., the specific operations were shown in the list of operations such as "read /10/0" or "observe /3/0/9" etc. After version 1...
Guest over 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Device Mgmt. & Connectivity 2 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Improved data-point and alarm/event selection for Data Points Graph widget and Data Explorer

Selecting devices and measurements using the current dialog window is clumsy and not very intuitive: Step 1: SELECT DEVICE the search box doesn't return intuitive matches, and it doesn't appear to support wildcards. If you're not certain of the na...
Neil C about 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Dashboarding 2 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Analytics Builder - ALL (events, measurements ...) of type as input

Add an input block that would capture all events (measurements, alarms) of certain type from ALL devices.
Peter Gaspar about 4 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Streaming Analytics (inc. Apama) / Analytics Builder 0 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Show Application Version

As User it would be good to see in Application List or Grid the version of the Applications. Why? As we have cloned the Cockpit Application we do not know when devOps has updated the sucscribed App and therefore we do not know when to update our c...
Kai Reinhardt 5 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Configuration 1 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Download of binaries lacks support for byte ranges

The download of binaries from the cumulocity platform does not support resuming already started downloads. If a device is switched off during a running download it will restart the download from the beginning when it starts again. It would require...
Guest about 3 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Device Mgmt. & Connectivity / Software Management 2 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰

Display more than 100 items on map widget

there is a need for a solution to show more than 100 devices on the map widget (cockpit) for many of our customers it is a problem that only 100 devices are shown on the map. a possible solution could look like the following:
Guest over 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Widgets 2 Added/Resolved πŸŽ‰