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Add Twilio as an SMS provider

Twilio is arguably one of the largest multimodal communication and message delivery providers in the world and many large multinational corporations use their services to send messages to their customers. Twilio should be one of the options in the...
John Marquart 4 months ago in Cumulocity IoT 5 Planning / planned

Google Cloud Storage Support for DataHub

Offloading to Google Cloud Storage as a supported data lake for DataHub.
Chris Furlong about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT DataHub 1 Future consideration

Analytics Builder - ALL (events, measurements ...) of type as input

Add an input block that would capture all events (measurements, alarms) of certain type from ALL devices.
Peter Gaspar over 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Streaming Analytics (Apama) 0 Likely to implement

Additional logging clarity for LwM2M Agent

As a customer who uses LwM2M agent quite extensively, we have observed over the course of LwM2M agent upgrades/versions that there have been changes in LwM2M agent logging and messages that are being flagged as exceptions or warnings that were pre...
Guest about 2 months ago in Cumulocity IoT 1 Planning / planned

Improvement child device view

How do I recognize the assignment to a "parent" device of a child device in the platform? If I am looking for a child device, e.g. by name, then at least I get the view in Device Management. there I can't see the assignment to the "root" device, ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Devices 0 Likely to implement

Digital Twin: Include last measurements and events in the managedObject of the device

To improve performance of dashboards, and to allow faster access to digital twin, it would be good, if for each measurement and event type, the last received object was also cached in the managedObject. In case new measurement/event of the same ty...
Peter Gaspar about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Data at Rest 4 Partially exists

Certificate refresh for connected devices

One method to authenticate devices to the platform is certificate-based authentication. But to enhance security, a growing number of standards and best practise guides are encouraging device manufacturers to issue certificates for their devices wi...
Neil C 4 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Devices 2 Planning / planned

Device-Type Dashboard Administration

While it is possible to create dashboards that are used for the same device type, it is practically impossible to manually keep track of "origin" dashboards. Our cockpit-clone application does heavily rely on the provided dashboard capabilities. A...
Dirk Peter 6 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK 1

case-insensitive filtering in inventory

today, the devices from inventory can only be filtered by case sensitive queries for name or other fragment. Idea is to implement option to filter case-insensitevly. MongoDB provides enough expressions to be used to extend filtering options and st...
Peter Gaspar about 3 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Data at Rest 3 Future consideration

Notification 2.0 API - Allow to subscribe to events from all devices

The Notification 2.0 API only allows to subscribe to events for a single device / managing object at a time. Subscription to all events (i.e. at the tenant level) is needed for the Cumulocity trigger
Frédéric Joulin 9 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0 Planning / planned