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Output block for creating multiple measurements

For analysing or preparing data several extra measurements by the analytics builder can be required. We made the experience that every measurement we create by the analytics builder is counted as an extra message and has a huge impact on our MEAs ...
Hendrik Sandkötter 8 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Streaming Analytics (inc. Apama) / Analytics Builder 0

device protocol interprete holding register as DINT/REAL

In the "New holding register" dialog of the device protocols it is possible to configure the transformation of the passed bits. The number of bits can be configured. However, only integer numbers are interpreted. However, the holding registers can...
Thomas Kühn 4 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Device Mgmt. & Connectivity 1 Unlikely to support

Read out a OPC UA server via the OPC UA client

I would like to read out a OPC UA server via the OPC UA client possibilities of C8y. I have several tags that I need to capture at 50 ms which is not problem. However to avoid having a lot of data, I have a trigger available to me that tells me wh...
Guest 8 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Device Mgmt. & Connectivity 1 Future consideration

Enable exporting the full dataset currently displayed in the data grid as a CSV or Excel file.

After user has filtered the data grid as per certain filters than can we export the data as csv ? Functionalities to be considered: Visible Columns Export: Only columns configured as visible in the data grid should be included in the exported file...
Rahul Talreja 8 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / WebSDK 0

Manage Notification 2.0 API consumers

If the Cumulocity platform is used for a Data as a Service platform used for an integration in a 3rd-party application, we should be able to monitor and manage the consumers using the Notification 2.0 API. Dead or unused subscriptions seem to bloc...
Frank Bauer 12 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Data in Motion 2 Likely to support/improve

LwM2M events and alarms text placeholders

The LwM2M agent can create measurements, events, and alarms when resource values are read from or sent by an LwM2M device using additional functionalities. It seems that the text that is included in the creation of the event or alarm is a static s...
Guest almost 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Device Mgmt. & Connectivity 1 Likely to support/improve

To have editable UI option to change the Administrator's username of tenant owner via. management tenancy

Issue: Currently the Adminstrator's username field of tenant owner is non-editable on management UI, which causes problems when there is a need to change the tenant owner. Workaround: Request Software AG team to change it via. backend everytim...
Mohammed Ali Khan over 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Platform Management 0 Future consideration

Global time selector: Zooming in to one graph should reflect in other graphs too

With the new global time selector the time can only be selected in the top bar of the Dashboard. It would be very user friendly if the time selection would work similarly to Grafana. When zooming into the data point graph widget the user can also ...
Kai Sieben 8 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Dashboarding / Widgets 1 Likely to support/improve

Scheduled microservice startups

Customers have microservices, that actually just run a e.g. a daily or hourly job that might take not more than e.g. 5 minutes or so. The rest of the day or hour this microservice is basically just idleing and taking up some c8y ressources and pro...
Tristan Bastian over 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Product Infrastructure & Microservices 1 Likely to support/improve

Bulk upload of multiple LWM2M object definition files

When using LWM2M every object has to be uploaded separatly to the platform. This causes a lot of repetitive work. The idea is, instead of uploading single LWM2M object definition at a time, upload multiple files at once. This would smoothen the se...
Guest over 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Device Mgmt. & Connectivity / LWM2M 1 Future consideration